The Fulfillment Fund's
End of The Year Fundraising Campaign

Marketing Brief:

  • Design "The Road Ahead" campaign logo using fonts and colors from the core brand styleguide.

  • Printed Brochures, Flyers, and Email blasts should be conservative in design with simple text layout and bold statistics

  • Organization's mission: to help lower income & first generation students build pathways to college, navigate educational barriers, create support networks, and empower future leaders

  • Target Audience: Corporate Sponsors, Advocates of Education, existing Donors (Professionals, Ages 50+)

Oakwood Worldwide
Corporate Housing Booklet

Marketing Brief:

  • Design an elegant booklet to highlight key features of furnished units. Use colors from the core brand styleguide.

  • Art Direct photography of units, with a focus on the "Dream Bed"

  • Feature the home-like interior styling, wall art by Howard Ruby, and basic amenities

  • Target Audience: Corporate decision makers, HR, Insurance Industry, long-term Leasing Agents (Professionals, Ages 50+)

Woodbury University
Department Brochures - "Think about it..." tagline

Marketing Brief:

  • Design an informative brochure giving potential new students an overview of the Majors & Course of Study. Design should be unique & 'different' compared to competitive liberal arts schools' marketing collateral

  • Target Audience: High School students curious about University's majors and the subject matter explored

  • Final Design: Cover was printed on transparent vellum paper with the 'brain image' printed in different colors for segmentation. Behind the brain, on the left side (printed on Page 2), listed words associated to the Major and abstract phrases to spark interest and questions.

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